About Us

The Universal Credit Claimants’ Union exists to improve the lives of claimants, to fight for the complete reform or abolition of Universal Credit, and to publicise claimants’ experiences of an aggressive, punitive system that constitutes an assault on the living standards of ordinary people. 

We believe we are all more valuable than merely a supply of labour for an economy, and that to be disadvantaged in an unjust system should never be described as failure or as a justification for disrespect and degradation.

Our organisation is based on Local Groups and Regional Assemblies coordinated by local, area and national delegates. We are controlled horizontally and democratically by our membership. 

Membership fees are ¬£1 / month and all other funds are the product of donations. Our funds are shared equally among our local groups.  

Want to get in touch? Contact us at: uccuexternal@theuccu.org