3 thoughts on “DWP Security Guards Threaten Activists Leading to Panic Attack”

      1. It’s exactly the way the Tories want it, the complete erosion of workers’ Rights, and is part & parcel of what Universal Credit was intended to be for, except they couldn’t even do that because the system is so dysfunctional. Imagine taking a job under those conditions (or any temporary insecure agency work) and having to make a new claim for UC whilst declaring bits & bats of paid work (that you haven’t yet been paid for) in the meantime before the UC claim has been fully processed and is still in the min. 5 weeks waiting period – the whole thing would be thrown into chaos, you’d end up in debt/arrears living on food parcels whilst waiting to be evicted while your whole life collapses around you. And if you declined the work your Benefits would get Sanctioned before you’ve even received them. It is indeed insane, in fact it’s downright criminal.

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