If you go on Facebook and search for Universal Credit Survival you will find a community of 100,000 people helping each other to deal with the DWP and the new world of welfare that has arrived with U.C.

There are groups giving excellent, speedy advice on every aspect of UC, transition and the old benefits. Doctors, lawyers journalists, bloggers and ex DWP staff are all there saying the system is flawed, dysfunctional, a hostile environment for the most in need, responsible for suicides, countless family tragedies and increasing poverty.

The Universal Credit Claimants Union is there too. We will give you advice and support, help you make phone calls and connect you with other claimants.

But most of all we, claimants like you and supporters who cannot stand back and let it go on, are dedicated to changing the system for the better, or shutting it down.
Unlike a Facebook group – easy to join, a great place to talk, shout and get help but ultimately powerless – the UCCU gives our voices the solidarity to hold politicians to account, to maintain the pressure and to force implementation. We are growing slowly but steadily and, as soon as we can, we will see the end of this shameful episode in British politics.

#WelfareNotWarfare #MakeItGoodOrShutItDown