To Our Members

We’ve been putting in a lot of work behind the scenes and hopefully you’ve noticed changes in our presence across social media as we continue building the UCCU.

Membership is steadily increasing and when there are five hundred of us we can organise our first area assembly. In the mean time, there are some ways to help:

  • Talk about the UCCU to everyone you think might be interested, and those who aren’t. On-line, in the pub, at bus stops; membership is everything. Our union’s power comes from the strength of our combined voices – we need a million of us to shut down UC. We need to constantly remind people on social media that we’re out here, we need members, activists and non-claimant supporters, and that the best alternative to depression and despair is action in any form; making ourselves visible and not letting go!

  • Be active on the UCCU social media sites:

The Universal Credit Claimants Union Facebook page
Has announcements and a current news feed where you can comment on and reply to posts.

The Universal Credit Claimants Union Closed Group
– our forum to discuss issues, exchange experiences and support others.

Universal Credit Hi-Viz
– our Facebook action page where anyone can link up with others in their area to picket job centres, go leafleting or organise local actions.

  • Send us your experiences of being on UC so we can publicise the reality we’re all experiencing.
  • Get in touch with us if you have any issues, needs or ideas that we can help with, or you can help others with. One of the worst aspects of UC is how we have to deal with the DWP alone, especially when so many of us suffer from isolation and we all know how different it is when you know you have support.

Every member of this union has an equal voice and every new member is another person who needs us to succeed. We might not have the financial backing or political connections of other unions, but we’re the only national union dedicated to scrapping UC and to being run directly by its members; that puts the experiences of claimants at the forefront of our organising and gives our action a special edge.

Over the next month we’ll be contacting all members individually. Things are moving quickly for the UCCU this year and we need to pull our organisation together and shape up the political fighting machine that can put fear into the heart of the DWP (not a real heart – if only) and pressure the Johnson government into humanising its approach to welfare.

Don’t feel obliged or in any way bad if you are not in a position to help. There are plenty of us who can and the union is here to support us and force the scrapping of Universal Credit, not use us up.

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